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Our Showroom is located at 30941 Agoura Road Suite 320 Wood Ranch California 91361. Or call us at 818 879 7000

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Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch is the work of Kitchen Galleria, license contractor in the State of California (California License 675935), whose specialty is their ability to remodel bathrooms and baths luxuriously; they remodel kitchens and baths exclusively for you. The Kitchen Galleria Wood Ranch motto is simply: Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch will give you the best designs, the best construction and planning with the best materials available with the highest quality and best project coordination so that you get the Best Project Outcome!

Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch works with you (and your designer if you have one) every step of the way during your Wood Ranch remodel to give you access to the best designs, cabinetry, countertops, construction, project management including permits, hardware, flooring, backsplash, showers, painting, drywall windows, and moldings. Kitchen Galleria Wood Ranch is your resource for everything you will need to remodel your kitchen or bath in Wood Ranch. Whether you are searching for a one stop remodeling company in Wood Ranch or simply looking for a single hardware component to be installed in your remodel Wood Ranch project, Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch is there for you.

At Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch by Kitchen Galleria we take our ability to provide you full service with complete responsibility and guidance very seriously. In order to help you better understand the process of remodeling, Kitchen Galleria Wood Ranch provides helpful hints, a remodeling questionnaire and three very helpful reports for you to read that will explain and help make the remodel process smoother. Kitchen Galleria also provides our clients with our Wood Ranch Contractor Comparison Checklist, edge detail drawings and other material pertinent to cabinetry, countertops and maintenance of your new kitchen and bath.

We encourage you to visit our showroom where we are able to explore the possibilities of remodeling your Wood Ranch kitchen and Wood Ranch bath and allow us to explore and determine what products have you are most interested in. From the showroom we’ll come visit your Wood Ranch home and see if the showroom ideas are easily transformed to your kitchen and bath. Oftentimes once the showroom visit has been completed and we then come to your Wood Ranch home, we are able to offer additional suggestions that will help transform your Wood Ranch kitchen into the dream kitchen you have been imagining.

The best part of working with Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch is that you have never heard and will never hear a horror story about Kitchen Galleria and you never will. Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch clients are very happy with Kitchen Galleria work and we will provide recommendations upon request. Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch projects take only as long as they need to take because we are responsible for the entire Wood Ranch project and we know that remodeling is always a bit of inconvenience to your normal daily routine.

We want to inform our customers that we service Ventura County and Los Angels county. We welcome our friends with homes in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks to visit our special showroom that we have designed specifically for our Thousand Oaks clientele. We have our showroom located at 30941 Agoura Road Suite 320, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

With 2018 winding down, Kitchen Galleria, would like to thank all of the great clients for a spectacular year. What makes Kitchen Galleria Wood Ranch so popular is the referrals and 5 star reviews we receive from our fateful customers in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks. We are looking forward to a banner year in 2019. Enjoy your holidays and help us bring in 2019 with another prosperous year in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks.

Give us a call at 818.879.7000 and we’ll set up a time for your first visit at Kitchen Remodeling Wood Ranch.

Our Showroom is located at 30941 Agoura Road, Suite 320, Wood Ranch, California 91361

As the Woolsey fire raged, our thoughts go out to all those who had to endure this traumatic event including the surrounding areas of Wood Ranch, Simi Valley, Oak Park and Thousand Oaks. Kitchen Galleria kitchen remodeling showroom in Westlake Village went unscathed. As all of you, we are returning back to work and our showroom is open.

February has been one of the rainiest months in Ventura County in twenty years. We are all ready for spring to arrive in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley and Oak Park accompanied by nice warm weather. If you are ready for that warm weather in Wood Ranch as we are, it would be a good time to think about redesigning and installing a updated kitchen. Even with the rain we are updating Kitchen cabinets and countertops in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley and Oak Park. Call us today and come into our showroom for your new Kitchen.

It finally happened. Yes we are having nice warm days in the Ventura Count and Southern California, What does that mean to all of you in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley and Oak Park? You can open the windows and let the fresh air in. You can start that kitchen remodel project n Wood Ranch that you have been planning for months. You keep putting it off and putting it off because of the cold weather we have had but now warm weather is here and so is your remodel. Call Kitchen Galleria your number 1 choice for your kitchen remodel in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley and Oak Park.

Its May, the weather is great and its time for that new kitchen remodel. If you live in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley or Oak Park we ask that you come into our showroom and pick out that new kitchen you have wanted. We all types of kitchen cabinets to chose from along with the latest hardware and specialty cabinets.

June in Wood Ranch is here, great weather and that special vacation time for you and your family. What about the dream kitchen you have always wanted for your home in Wood Ranch. If you live in the Ventura County, Wood Ranch California, Kitchen Galleria is the place for designing and installing that new kitchen you've always wanted. With our expert installation team and local design center we offer a vast array of custom kitchen cabinets for your home in Wood Ranch including all of the latest options. We also hare the latest hardware to make your dream kitchen come true. To start on your new kitchen in Wood Ranch call us today and come visit our showroom. Our Showroom is located at 30941 Agoura Road, Suite 320, Agoura Hills, California 91361. We also offer expert installation for your new kitchen in Wood Ranch.

July has arrived and the weather is perfect and the perfect time for your new kitchen in Wood Ranch. You've been waiting for the right time to install your new kitchen and this is the perfect time and Kitchen Galleria is here and ready to help. We have a wide selection of everything you need for your new kitchen with everything you want. New Cabinets, self closing cabinets, new hardware, pantry, spice rack anything and everything you want. Kitchen Galleria will make your kitchen function just the way you want it for your home in Wood Ranch California. Kitchen Galleria is located locally to Wood Ranch with a short 15 minute drive to our showroom in Westlake Village. Kitchen Galleria will help you from start to finish with your design concept and the perfect cabinets for your home in Wood Ranch California.

We all have busy schedules with our family and friends and you still haven't started your kitchen remodel. We are in the middle of Hot summer August 2019 in Wood Ranch located in Ventura County California. We have been enjoying great summer vacations. Schools will be back in session very soon in Ventura and Los Angeles County. Kitchen Galleria is here to help you with your new kitchen remodel in Wood Ranch. With our design center and expert installers all you need to do is visit our showroom where can help you with great ideas and design techniques for your new dream kitchen in Wood Ranch California. We have all of the latest and greatest kitchen amenities and options for the kitchen you have been dreaming of in Wood Ranch. In our showroom we have examples of hardware to cabinets and all the latest ideas . Call us today and come into our showroom for your new Kitchen. Our Showroom is located at 30941 Agoura Road, Suite 320, Agoura Hills, California 91361.

September is the month for remodeling your Kitchen in Wood Ranch, California. The best reason for a remodel in September is that the kids have finally returned to school and in a few weeks the weather will be so much cooler in the Wood Ranch. You can now spend the well deserved extra time and focus in on getting your new remodeled Wood Ranch kitchen completed. Kitchen Galleria has everything you need to remodel your kitchen in Wood Ranch. Our specialized kitchen technicians will help you design exactly what you like and suggest ideas for your new modern Wood Ranch kitchen. With all of the great choices available from custom colors and finishes, special cabinets and drawers, well designed elegant hardware and so much more. Whatever you need or want we can make it happen for you. Call us today and come into our showroom for your new kitchen in Wood Ranch. Our Showroom is located at 30941 Agoura Road, Suite 320, Agoura Hills, California 91361.

Kids are back in school summer is gone and fall has arrived in the Wood Ranch. Life is nice and quiet in Wood Ranch with the kids back in school. You wanted a new kitchen installed during the summer but it never happened. You never had the chance to get that new kitchen installed. You wanted to have it completed during the summer months before the holidays and now it is fall. The holidays are only few months away and you need your new kitchen to be finished soon. Kitchen Galleria can help you with a new kitchen redesigned with our knowledgably staff. We can help you get the dream kitchen you've always wanted for the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Maybe you just want new door fronts, all new cabinets or you want to replace the hardware with the newest designs. We have everything for your home in Thousand Oaks. Give us a call today to Kitchen Galleria and let us that care of your Wood Ranch Kitchen.

November in Wood Ranch and the holidays are coming along with holiday parties at your home. Your kitchen is out dated and you don't want your guests to see your out dated kitchen. You've been thinking about updating your kitchen for over a year and now Its time for a new kitchen. Contact Kitchen Galleria, we have everything you need to refresh or update your kitchen and with our professional installers we will make the new kitchen installation easy. At Kitchen Galleria we have everything you need for the perfect kitchen you've always dreamed of in Wood Ranch. We will help you design your new dream kitchen with all of the new styles and accessories for you to view at our showroom. Our professional designers and expert installers will give you the perfect dream kitchen in Wood Ranch and help you quiet the party goers. With out expert designers and installers we can give you a updated kitchen in Wood Ranch. Give us a call or stop by our showroom.

Updated November 15, 2019